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In 1994, Mrs. Terry B. King was called by God to begin His ministry, The Children's Mite. Even though it began by helping God's physically impoverished children of the world, He had a much bigger plan, purpose and idea for her. In the beginning years, He told her "I called you to be an Evangelist". Not understanding what it meant, she continued in obeying Him and being faithful to His call. In spite of rejection from church leadership, she continues to do the work God has called her to do. Due to her faithfulness to God, in 2009, He spoke and said to her, "I want you to start doing video messages and put them on your YouTube channel. I want to speak to my children. I will send them to listen to the video messages and speak directly to them." Then in 2012, He spoke again and said to her, "I want you to start doing deliverance sessions via the phone line. I have many children who are calling out to me for deliverance. I will send them to you and I will set them free." Shalom †


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