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As the President's time winds down we have a collective opportunity to give our opinions and to rate his performance as we see it. 100 years from now analyst will have the chance to not only review poll and survey data, but to review hundreds of thousands of personal opinions concerning the Obama Presidency. All are welcome to Rate the president's performance as they see it, And all are welcome to engage in the Forum type posts where they can respond to two basic questions: Are you happy Obama is leaving office or are you sad about it. As America takes on more and more of a world leadership position it is also important to know what people of all nationalities think, so this is not limited to just Americans. The name Adios Obama does not indicate negativity or positivity on our part. We just thought the two words sounded good together, and that they also fit the purpose well. The purpose is to seek honest opinions about the Obama Presidency as it winds down over this latter half of his second term. We do not seek to influence opinions one way or another. 100 years from now this information will be a major part of World History... so please take advantage of the opportunity either on the website or though the mobile app.... bring your opinion to the forefront, and even engage others on their forum posts, give your ideas . This presents a wonderful opportunity for Schools to involve students in real life politics and the process of expressing and debating opinion. Tell a friend or 99 friends !!! Thank you Sincerely, "Opinion Seeker Team"


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