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See what your cellars, kitchen coolers or refregirated truck are doing from your home office or from the beach. Be warned, and also warn someone else such as a manager or repair person, by text or email in the middle of the night if your cooler is warming up. Easy to install; no costly additional equipment or modification of your equipment is required. Restaurant Automations wi-fi monitoring and reporting system will track temperature or other information on any cooling or heating unit, stationary or mobile. Your appliance's information is stored safely in the cloud; access it from any laptop or smart device through an easy to use graphic interface. The system automatically logs the temperature and retains the data, an important feature for distributors handling temperature sensitive food or beverages. The system uses your wi-fi network. If you do not have one, we can help determine what options you may have. You can sleep better and let us work 24/7 to warn you of issues before they become big problems.


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