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AmanChughCa App is Financial News & Jobs App for Everyone. The aim is to decipher complex & contemporary News about Financial Markets and Instruments in Audio & Video (Complementary) formats in simple language which is not being offered by Other Popular Business Apps. A creation of CA Aman Chugh (a Key Name on Google with over 1.2 Million Searches), who presently has a vast network of over 6000 Finance Professionals at Middle & Senior Management (Including CFOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents of Reputed Corporates) across various Corporates, Govt Bodies & Ministries, serves as a Unique & Personalised Platform for Various Job Seekers & Entrepreneurs. Useful For: >Students/Working Professionals in updating their knowledge about Global/Indian Derivatives & Financial Markets/Instruments. >Job Seekers/Entrepreneurs can hunt opportunities whilst expanding their reach. Favorite features: >Get Audios/Videos on Contemporary Global/Indian Financial Markets in Simple Language. >Expand your Entrepreneurial reach by connecting with our Personalised Network of over 6000 Professionals. >Post your resumes for various positions available within our Personalised Network of over 6000 Professionals.


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