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Why download the Ask Immigration app? Ask Immigration is a hassle free experience for those wanting an answer to their immigration question. Our panel of Barristers, Solicitors and Senior Caseworkers will work effortlessly to ensure an answer to your question reaches your e-mail inbox within the time period YOU specify. At Ask Immigration we believe in affordable immigration advice at your fingertips. The Ask Immigration app will allow you to easily submit your immigration questions at the touch of a button. No need to visit an immigration need to book a waiting around to speak to a lawyer...instead use our easy app and submit your query on the move! App Main Features: - One stop solution for all your immigration needs - Easy package selection (Gold - 1 day) - (Silver - 2 days) - (Bronze - 4 days) - Other Services tab allows you to contact us for a tailor made package to suit ALL your immigration needs from application through to appeals - Connect with us using our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - Browse from within the app for your convenience


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