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"Bazinga Bar was created in 2014 to give an alternative to the Long Street vibe whereby Bazinga Bar is focussing on a safe and clean environment just off Long Street but still in the heart of Cape Town’s night life. Situated at 9 Green Street, Bazinga Bar offers different music genres on different nights like psychedelic trance on Fridays and mostly soulful and deep house on Saturdays. The full bar on the bottom floor caters for every event and party with both Cape Town’s finest DJs and internationally renowned artists showing off their talent on the decks. Next to the DJ box there’s a cosy VIP section for the ones that want to see and want to be seen. On the top floor there is a VIP Lounge with fully equipped bar and outside smoking section. Bottle service is available with our great staff making your experience wanting you to come back for more…"


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