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The Birth ROCKS Hypnobirthing App includes everything you need for a calm, peaceful and awesome pregnancy and birth. How to use your Birth ROCKS App: Your Birth ROCKS app is full of amazing resources and tools to prepare for a calm, realistic and comfortable pregnancy and birth. We've provided a run down of how to get the most from your app: 1. GET STARTED: Read the 'About Birth ROCKS' and 'Hypnobirthing FAQ' sections. These will provide an overview of what you can expect next. 2. READ THE BOOK: Begin reading the best-selling Birth ROCKS book on your phone. This will help get you in the right frame of mind for rocking your birth! 3. HYPNOSIS FOR YOU: In the 'Birth Hypnosis Tracks' section, you will find 6 Birth ROCKS Hypnosis recordings for various stages of pregnancy and birth. I recommend that you listen to the Rock Your Birth track every night and also during childbirth to prepare your body for deep relaxation during childbirth. Be sure to use the 'breathing techniques' track along with the directions in the Birth ROCKS book to help you prepare.Listen to the other hypnosis tracks as and when you need them. 4. WATCH OUR VIDEOS: Watch the Birth ROCKS videos and listen to BRA founders, Cheryl MacDonald and Registered Midwife Nicola Bradley, talk you through Birth ROCKS comfort techniques and what happens during childbirth. 5. SHOP FOR MUM AND BABY: You can also visit the YogaBellies Birth ROCKS online stores to shop pregnancy and baby products. 6. READ ARTICLES AND MORE: Read through the Birth ROCKS blog for regular updates and articles on all things pregnancy, birth,baby and women's health. 7. FIND A BIRTH ROCKS MENTOR - Use our link to locate your local Birth ROCKS Mentor to attend live sessions and help guide you through pregnancy adn birth. 8. SHARE THE LOVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Follow Birth ROCKS Academy on social media and keep up to date with our great work! 9. KEEP IT FRESH! If you are feeling anxious about birth, check our our bonus affirmations page to remind you why Birth ROCKS! For more information visit our website This app will help you: **Look forward to childbirth with excitement and feel prepared for The Big Day; **Remove your fear of childbirth; **Allow you to birth comfortably and with minimal discomfort; **Feel confident and positive about your choices during birth; **Encourage your pregnancy and birth to progress smoothly and naturally **Find out if hypnobirthing is the right comfort technique for you in birth and if not, then what your other options are; **Help you bond with your baby during pregnancy; **Help with morning sickness and even helps gets baby in the right position for bith! **Teach you Birth ROCKS breathing, relaxation and comfort techniques for birth; **Learn from positive birth stories from other women, reinforcing the fact that birth can be most amazing experience of your life; **Helps you keep your spirits high after birth if you're hit with the 'baby blues!'


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