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This app was designed for the beginner and weekend photographer. I enjoy taking a lot of pictures but I don't do it regularly and tend to forget the basic settings. So I have put together this app for quick reference and some basic functions that are for the Nikon D5100 and D5200 camera's. Some of the basic function will probably apply for other camera's as well. Tip: Don't speed thousands of dollars on a camera body until you can actually understand all or most of the features on your camera. Your money is best suited for the lens with real glass. The D5100 and D5200 are very responsible priced and the good lenses you purchase can be used on the high end body's. You have Free access to basic Dial Modes, Scene Modes, Release Modes and best of all Quick Tips. If you don't see a tip that helps you, what are you looking for? Please use the contact form and let me know. I will add them to the app free if I am able to accomplish your request. Sure I could list all kinds of tips but I want to know what you are looking for but I will continue to add my own experiences also. Please use the contact form to leave me feedback or a request. My primary website is best viewed on a tablet because of the image sizes.


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