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This is a meditation and writing app. It includes guided audio meditations and visualizations, a progressive muscle relaxation exercise, and writing exercises. This app also has information on developing your character strengths, a link where you can take a free survey to find out your top character strengths, and a link that provides suggestions on how to use them. All of the meditations, visualizations, relaxation exercise, and writing exercises in this app are research-based and have been shown to improve one's quality of life in many ways. Download this free app to get started. Benefits: - Studies show that engaging in mindfulness meditations on a regular basis strengthens the immune system and increases positive emotions, improves memory, sharpens attention, and promotes optimism. It also increases the density of grey matter in brain regions linked to learning, memory, emotion regulation, and empathy, and decreases negative emotions. - Research studies suggest that doing the writing exercises included in this app can help increase positive emotions, improve resilience, mood, optimism, and life satisfaction, and decrease stress and negative emotions. - Research studies show that developing and using your character strengths can improve your overall well-being by decreasing negative emotions and increasing happiness, self-acceptance, self-efficacy, physical health, productivity, relationships, and life satisfaction.


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