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Cognit Login HomeAbout UsContact UsSpringstone Hospitals ​​helps you achieve lasting addiction and mental health recovery. is a strengths based approach that supports the four pillars of recovery - biological, psychological, social and spiritual. ​is a wellness based program that promotes physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness and empowers and encourages you to find solutions that work for you. leads you through a process of identifying and reconnecting with your strengths, beliefs, principles and values. helps you with all your challenges, not just challenges with addiction and mental health. helps you develop wellness tools, relaxation and stress management techniques; learn symptom management strategies and examine your core beliefs. guides you in identifing and managing your symptoms.. helps you understand the process of acceptance. educates you about relapse warning signs and high-risk situations. is based on the latest research so you can be confident that you have chosen the best approach to your overall wellness. supports you throughout your wellness journey. can be accessed 24/7 from any device, from anywhere there is internet access.


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