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EGYPT RELOCATION & REAL ESTATE SERVICE IN EGYPT CAIRO Property Finder, Egypt Properties ,For Rent in Egypt ,Villa for Rent in New Cairo ,Apartments For Sale in Cairo, Apartments For Sale in New Cairo, Cairo Egypt Real Estate ,Villa For Sale in Egypt ,Property in Egypt ,Real Estate New Cairo, Real Estate Agency in Cairo, Property in Cairo, Real Estate Egypt Cairo, Egypt Homes for Sale ,selling Property in Egypt, Villa for Rent in New Cairo, Property Egypt ,Flat Rent Cairo, 5 Rooms Villa for Rent in Cairo ,Rent a Furnished Office Space in Cairo Egypt, Apartments in Egypt. Description Comfort Real Estate has been offering commercial and residential property services for over 50 years in the Egyptian market and has been directly involved in over 2,000 transactions. The company was founded in 1953 by Farouk Ahmed Abd El-Baky who directed the company until his death in 1988, at which time Mr. El-Baky’s son Khalad assumed the direction of the company. Building upon the vision of its founder, the company during the past 20 years has continued to grow utilizing modern technologies, international standards, its extensive database, and most importantly its reputation in the market. Services include: • Commercial and Residential Brokerage • Commercial and Residential Appraisal • Market Research • Corporate Housing • Relocation Comfort Real Estate has a diverse range of clients, many of whom have a relationship with the company spanning decades. Each client, no matter how small or large, receives the same standard of professional service, while strategies are tailored to the requirements of the individual client and the prevailing market conditions. Clients include: ● Multinational Corporations ● Local and Foreign Real Estate Companies ● Individual Purchasers and Sellers of Residential Properties ● Individual Purchasers and Sellers of Commercial Properties ● Lessors and Lessees of Residential Properties ● Lessors and Lessees of Commercial Properties


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