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Discipline Tool Kit This toolkit contains a variety of discipline tools that work for different circumstances, with different, unique children. Sometimes these tools are used to perform maintenance to keep things functioning, sometimes used for repair when there is a breakdown. Often people contact me when family life is completely broken, and they need an emergency repair. Almost always, the dysfunction could have been prevented through some "routine maintenance". I emphasize prevention first, because I believe we should avoid all the problems we can. The first part of the toolkit contains tools to prevent problems. Let's have fewer problems! Only a small percentage of parents seek to proactively learn these tools before they need them. Most parents want to know what to do after the misbehavior. I give tools to repair what's broken. Adults are parenting without a license. Children don't come with a manual. For twenty years I taught classes for parents of little ones, so they'd get the tools they need early on. I now train others internationally to start these Montessori Parent Infant classes. It is my dream to have these classes available in every community. Parents seem to have only one tool. Many parents don't really discipline at all. They do nothing, until they've had all they can take and they blow up, yelling or punishing. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When you have a breakdown, you start banging everything with a hammer, likely doing some permanent damage. Why is it that we are at our worst with those we love? The child misbehave, then you misbehave, the process repeats and both the relationship and the behavior spiral down. Maybe their one tool is timeout, or taking away privileges. When their one tool doesn't work, parents are frustrated! So I have provided a whole variety of tools, one or more of which can be helpful in any situation with children. I have taught these tools to thousands of parents. I provide parent coaching by phone to clients in all kinds of circumstances. There is ALWAYS something that will help. Have hope!


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