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This is a mobile app for Rent To Own Real Estate (Lease with Option to Purchase) We are Real Estate Investors that want to share with you how we were able to buy and sell property using a Rent to Own - Lease Option method. This method is especially beneficial - if you are trying to sell your own home and can not get the price you want for your property. - if you want to buy a home by using a Rent to Own - Lease Option that is geared for you. - if you want to sell a home by using the Rent to Own - Lease Option method This method is one more tool that can be used if you want to become a Real Estate Investor and/or a Landlord. We will provide you with the documents that you will need to complete the paperwork. Most of the documents are user friendly and just require you to fill in the blanks. We are not Realtors that have properties to sell to you. We are not a company or individual that offers homes to you on a Rent to Own program. The tools that we provide will help you become that Investor that can provide others with Lease with Option to Purchase. Our goal is to pass on to you what we have learned and provide you with the paperwork that you need to accomplish the Rent to Own - Lease Option method


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