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'ecoHands2go' is a car cleaning and detailing service. Specializing in the use of eco-friendly products and methods. We offer our customers the convenience of a waterless mobile service, allowing for vehicles to be cleaned at any convenient location, such as Shopping Malls, Offices, Homes or Apartment complexes. We use state of the art environmentally friendly, biodegradable, mostly natural products that are non-toxic and are highly effective. We offer a better alternative to maintaining your vehicle's interior and exterior from the traditional car washing method. Our spray-on/wipe off clean and polish products are made of highly advanced formula that will not cause any scratches or smudges, but instead leave your car protected and shiny. Our products contain quality carnauba wax, protectants and provides water and dirt resistance for your vehicle surfaces. We have operated in the United Kingdom for over 5 years and recently moved to Dallas Texas and now operate under the ‘ecoHands2go' brand. More than ever with drought and shortage of clean drinking water, the traditional car wash which uses 80 - 140 gallons of water and leads to water pollution is not tenable in the short or long term. We are committed to water conservation and the protection of natural resources. Waterless car washing is the new alternative to traditional car washing methods. No water is needed other than our spray-on/wipe off clean and polish products. In rare instances we may use very little water. Our products are nature friendly and our staff well trained. ecoHands2go services are priced very reasonably to encourage your patronage. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. By using our service you can be sure of helping the environment while sporting a clean car. Down load our App now and discover an amazing and convenient way to have your car detailed.


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