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Ever had the perfect idea for an outfit but couldn't make it a reality because you can't sew? Well not anymore! Let our team of Fashion Design school graduates bring your vision to life! From a mere hem to a wedding dress - our designers have been trained to do it all flawlessly. You DREAM it. We MAKE it. You WEAR it! Use this to find everything fashion related from - Fashion Designers/Seamstresses - Tailors - Shoe Designers - Jewelry Designers - Handbag/Leather Goods Designers - Create You Own Custom Fabric - Fabric Stores - Fashion Design Schools You can finally create the LOOK you've wanted with the FIT you need. With Fits By Design QUALITY COMES FIRST. Every member is has earned a degree from an accredited college or university. Although we know that there are some extremely talented designers who've never stepped into a classroom, we understand that EVERY graduate has obtained the skill level required to execute garment construction for our standard of quality. Therefore, ONLY designers possessing a degree from an accredited college or university are accepted as a member of Fits By Design Custom Clothing Haus LLC. Request a quote directly from the app! Include your budget and even upload a picture of what you need right from your fingertips! Industry graduates interested in joining can apply directly from the App!


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