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Our Causes Our team at Foundation Structures are experts at private business structures including non-government- self assessable organisation not-for-profit foundations. Our purpose is to help people to create the infrastructure that provides the humanitarian protection that you desire. We have members who have years of experience in Corporate Business, Private Business, Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Online Business Development. Our experts are also up to date with the latest Taxation laws and methods for minimizing your risk and asset strengthening programs. If you are struggling with managing the implementation of your private structure, then our team have the answers to the questions and problems you are facing. There is more to comprehend than simply “operating quietly”. In the real world you have companies, and agencies who all want you to conform to their CORPORATE system. You want to create a private Foundation structure because you have a deep community purpose. The team at Foundation Structures comprehend how you actually want to operate, how the CORPORATE structures operate and how community based non-government- self assessable organisations, not-for-profit foundations operate. Finally there is a solution. Foundation Structures are pleased to invite foundation participants to participate in our “foundation support process”.and to form a Private Foundation Structure with us today. Start protecting your family Start protecting your assets


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