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Friends of tube “Let’s actually starts communicating “ Friends of tube (FOT) is the first App of its kind, that allows the users of the biggest underground network in the world, to communicate with each other in a highly user friendly interface! Almost all of us share similar journeys day in day out- 40 hours a week, 2000 hours a year! That’s a lot of precious time! We could have used that time creatively. But we usually sit in silence all through the journey. We hardly use the opportunity to meet interesting people around us. Until now, we have never used the chance to speak, network, communicate or make friends. That is going to change! We welcome you to Friends of Tube (FOT). A place to meet and make friends. Of course, some of you could think if this is practical! But at FOT, we believe it is very much practical and that you will like the idea. What would you like to share or talk about? Daily experiences? Funny tube experiences? Lost and found? Jobs? Making friends? Special offers? ….the list goes on. Join as many live groups as you wish, enjoy the experience. Take advantage of all the App technology, to allow us Londoners travelling on the tube, to meet each other, have fun and make the race of life a bit more enjoyable! Welcome to Friends Of Tube!


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