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God’s Country Radio provides the best Country, Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Christian Music available. We broadcast our signal from two powerful Radio transmitters located in the heart of America. I can sit on my deck in the morning sunshine and watch the cattle and sheep graze among the green rolling hills of the Midwest. For breakfast we gather morning eggs and pick fresh fruit from our berry bushes and flowering trees. The air is always clean and the skies are always blue. That’s why we call it “God’s Country”. On Sunday our neighbors get in their pickup trucks and go to Church. Dad’s with their cowboy boots, Ladies in pretty Sunday dresses and freshly scrubbed kids with smiling faces. The Music you hear on God’s Country is what we sing around here. I hope you like it, and if you do I hope you’ll keep listening and then send me a text, e-mail or even write me a “real letter”. My name is Cowboy Doug and I live at “Radio Ranch” We still have rural mail delivery and a phone with a cord! My e-mail is godscountryradio@gmail.com


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