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HemWell America is a Provider Referral App for patients with Hemorrhoids and Anorectal issues. Medical providers can refer patients DIRECTLY from the convenience of their office immediately after seeing the patient. This self-directed App allows the provider to bypass the uncertainty that surrounds the referral process to a HemWell specialist, with the click of just a few buttons. The referring provider's front desk office staff and the patient do not have to make special arrangements and phone calls to a HemWell location. After we receive the HIPAA compliant referral request, within minutes, the patient is directly contacted via TEXT. Very shortly after that, a link to our website is electronically sent to the patient as well. This is followed by a LIVE telephone call to the patient, where the HemWell America patient navigator arranges a meeting and schedules the appointment. The insurance and other identification information is directly verified from the patient. Then HemWell America patient navigator calls the referring provider's front desk, and informs the doctor's office about the exact date and time of appointment at HemWell America. This way, we are able to provide a fool proof method for DIRECT patient navigation and referral. This is Referral STAT!


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