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Hot Spots for Tots makes outings easy. Hot Spots for Tots is the app you never knew you always wanted. It helps you navigate the world with children by providing family friendly places around you and telling you what kid-centric features these places provide. This essential information also comes with ratings and reviews of how kid-friendly these spots are from fellow caregivers just like you. With Hot Spots for Tots you can plan your day before you leave the house and know exactly what to expect when you are out with your tots. Or, in a pinch, with that smell coming from the backseat, quickly search for the nearest changing table so you know when and where to pull over. That’s only the beginning. We present the availability of 14 different features for each location: --Changing tables (women’s and men’s bathrooms) and family restrooms --Nursing spots and baby supplies available --Stroller access and kid-friendly parking --Kid-friendly food, highchairs, and wifi --Indoor and outdoor play areas, supervision available, and water activities Hot Spots for Tots is perfect for all caregivers. We have over 6,000 spots throughout the United States. Everyday users just like you add new spots and new reviews and we are growing quickly. Join the Hot Spots for Tots community to make your life and your fellow moms’, dads’, nannies’, grandparents’, and all caregivers’ lives easier while out with your tots.


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