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Free daily sports picks, sports tips and free picks videos (NFL, Football, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, Basketball, Baseball, NHL, MLB, WNBA, Soccer, English Premiere League) from Indian Cowboy (IC). Indian Cowboy gives out more free sports picks, free sports predictions, free sports picks and predictions (for those in Vegas) than anyone else in the World with a 60% success rate over the last 4 years (over 1000 predictions documented on Youtube). Indian Cowboy is one of the most popular (Over 2500 Youtube Followers) and talented statisticians in America who uses Algorithms and math models to make his predictions. IC gives in depth and detailed analysis on every daily sports betting pick and prediction. Many outlets in Vegas including Casinos, News outlets, TV Stations and Journalists across the country use IC's Math Model based predictions. IC gives out more free sports picks, sports tips and sports predictions with an ATS sports betting perspective than anyone in the World. IC has been #1 in Multiple sports with over a 60% success rate against the spread (ATS) for 14 Years and is one of the fastest growing and successful statisticians and oddsmakers in the World. IC is part of Doc Sports who has the best guarantee in the business where the handicapper works for free until the client is shown a positive and profitable differential based on Against the Spread Predictions. Indian Cowboy is a former oddsmaker that now sells his models, stats and predictions to anyone to help them have more accurate sports predictions. This includes sports betting and tips for only those in Vegas, detailed team stats and trends for the common sports fan, winning office pools and also includes TV Stations, Blogs and Newspapers. This app's purpose is to provide the best sporting predictions possible using Math Models and Algorithms with detailed write-ups. It is used by news outlets, tv stations, journalists and the average fan who want match-up reports with detailed trends and stats on games.


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