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Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd (ACMIIL), one of India’s leading and trusted brokerage houses, offers you – Investmentz app: Now, determine your risk profile with ease, create a smart investment plan, and plan your investment time horizon. Simply download our Investmentz App and get hold of your finances effectively at the tap of a finger. Our state-of-the-art Investmentz App helps you work out your investments based on your risk profile. It helps you plan the ideal investment time horizon for your long-term investments such as home, children’s education, and retirement plans and short-term investments such as buying a car or planning a foreign vacation. Those who save their hard-earned money periodically and plan their investments well lead a more peaceful and fulfilled life compared with those who overlook investment planning. Investment planning helps you get effective answers to the following questions:  Who you are as an investor and the level of risk that suits you?  What are your most important goals and how do you plan to achieve them?  How much money do you need to start saving periodically to achieve your goals?  What are the asset classes that suit you based on your risk profile?  How to identify top performing investment schemes inside an asset class?  How to track your investments and take periodic actions such as invest more, rebalance to lock profits, and withdraw smartly? Our Investmentz App not only allows you to invest across five asset classes – Equity, Debt, Cash, Gold, and Tax-Savings (ELSS), it also helps you to create a ‘Rainy Day Fund’ (Emergency Fund). Further, the App helps you calculate the amount of life and health cover you would require. Thus, it enables you to make well-planned investments. All your investments are made in the best performing mutual funds identified by ACMIIL’s Research and Analysis team. We consider quantitative and qualitative factors that would help our clients make profitable investments. We recommend mutual fund schemes through statistically robust methods without favoring any particular mutual fund scheme. Process for finding top mutual funds involves:  Analyzing past performance of a wide range of mutual funds schemes  Understanding expenses charged by the funds, which affect the investors’ returns  Segregating funds into different baskets based on the type of assets that they invest in  Segregating funds into sub-baskets based on 'Risk Profile' and 'Tenure' of the instruments that they hold  Filtering funds that best suit your goals such as retirement, children’s education, and buying an own home It’s time for you to create your own investment plan and invest online. Download the Investmentz App now and get live updates of your goals to monitor the progress. Download the Investmentz App at the tap of your finger. More good news! The charges for opening your account with us using the Investmentz App are ‘Rs. 0’. Start NOW! Happy to answer your queries on 022-2858 4545 or simply write to us at Read Full T&C’s, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy


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