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Spiritually uplifting and gives an understanding of why life has been so rough. To send hope to the lost and to those who have or want to give up. To send out a message to the world that God lives and he answers through his son Jesus. And salvation is given to any believer. Through God, anything is possible! Matthew 19:26, KJV. Whatever that is going on in your life, God purposed it so that it can pave the way to the great person that he has destined for you to be. It's happening on purpose, in your purpose and because of your purpose! He has a plan for your life that is greater than you can ever imagine. So don't give up, don't give in, just know this...whatever that is going on in your life, is creating the warrior that was meant to be born! Everything that is going on now God wants you to know that he is intentional and it has happened and is happening...because IT WAS NECESSARY!


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