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This Music App provides quick a access to Jim Grandstaff's music Website, music videos, and recorded music MP3s which can easily be download to the users own devices. More than 30 free songs are available for the user's listening enjoyment and optional downloads. It also provides the user with a detailed historical account of Jim's musical evolution along with numerous pictures of Jim playing the guitar. It is not surprising that Jim Grandstaff is an excellent musician and plays the electric and acoustic guitars. Music has been appreciated and deeply rooted in his family background. Jim's great grandfather played an old "Washburn" acoustic guitar at family parties and gave his guitar to Jim's dad when his dad went off to college. Jim's grandmother played solo piano on a weekly radio show in Paducah, Kentucky after she graduated from high school and his grandfather played drums in a small high school band. Jim's grandfather also appeared as a guest on the well known "Mama Jazz" radio show on WMUB FM, Oxford, Ohio. The show was a one hour talk show about his grandfather's love for and knowledge about Jazz music. Jim's father played rhythm guitar and bass guitar with the popular early 1960s rock n' roll band known as "The Four Taus". They can still be seen and heard at www.4taus.com. His father now also has his own professional recording studio and he now plays the keyboard. Jim's dad started teaching Jim how to play the guitar when Jim was in the sixth grade. By the end of the seventh grade, Jim and his dad had made several early recordings together. Jim also had performed with school choral groups. Jim drew upon his southern roots by listening to the 1950's recordings of Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. His dad and he both placed a strong emphasis on the lead guitar. Jim continued to grow musically. He performed in high school and began appreciating the R&B influence in "Classic Rock". In college at Kent State, Jim spent countless hours in the music library, cataloging songs and making recordings of "World Music". These experiences provided a rich backdrop for Jim to embrace both new and classic sounds and textures. Many of his diverse influences are present in his new recordings. So, from a hand-me-down old Washburn guitar from Jim's great grandfather to Jim's dad and then passed along to Jim, a musical journey began......and "the rest is history".


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