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KJ Watson; a graduate from the University of Central Florida, with a bachelors in interpersonal and organizational communications and management is a dedicated, hard-working realtor. KJ has grown up in the Jacksonville region his entire life and spent the majority of his childhood residing in Ponte Vedra. KJ makes up for his youth with uncanny maturity, which accommodates his family experience and vast amount of knowledge in the real estate field. Learning from two strong entrepreneurship figures from an early age has greatly influenced his life and encouraged his determination. Father Keith Watson, who was a brilliant real estate lawyer and an owner of a real estate title company, sparked his interest in the real estate business. His uncle, William Watson Jr., has built fifty years of successful real estate operations from the ground up and in doing so has provided an infallible example of the benefits of unrelenting hard work. KJ will always handle his business professionally and give 100 percent to help you find your perfect home or sell your current home swiftly and methodically.


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