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My name is Neite, I was born in Haiti. I am “A Chosen Vaudou Priest” who currently lives in Massachusetts. I am an Anthropologist and hold a master degree in mental Health Counseling, M. Ed.,. I speak fluently Haitian Creole, English, French, and Spanish It all started when I was twelve years old while living in Haiti. A person came to me in a dream and told me what I should do. Being a youngster and not quite understanding my dreams, I always look to confide in someone and that someone was my dad. My dad and I got along very well. I was pretty comfortable speaking to him about anything. Most of all, my dad himself was a Vaudou Priest. He was very good at interpreting dreams as well as doing other things that a Vaudou Priest Practice. At the time, I was not the one he wanted to be his successor. He was already teaching one of my brothers. So, he ignored my dreams. However, that would not be my last prophetic dreams. On July 18th 1981, I had my first real scary dream. Someone appeared to me in a dream and told me I would get badly burned in a (house) fire. The person also said I would heal (fully recover) from my burns (this disaster.) Shortly after having this dream, reality struck and I got badly burn in a (house fire) just like the dream had predicted. I recovered (heal) like it said I would. Everything happened exactly as I had seen it in the dream. I immediately told my dad about it, but he kept refusing me that these were my calling. During my recovery I had many other encounters (dreams) that told me I would be his successor. But every time I told him about them, he kept refusing me. So like my family had instilled in me, I finished my High School education, started college with the intent to pursue a law degree. Everything was going well in my life. At this point and time, I had everything I always wanted, except I was still being pulled into Vaudou. I started practicing Vaudou work for people on my own. I wasn’t so sure how, but I know I helped them. I left Haiti in 1997 to come to the United States to study law enforcement. While in the US I dreamed and witness something which I’m not able to speak about. This dream led me back to Haiti to speak with my father. This dream was the turning point for my father and I. So much so, that my dad agreed to let me follow in his footsteps as a Vaudou Priest and carry on his legacy. He began by telling me what would happen to me if I wanted to be a Voudau priest. I observed and listened closely. I was then able to go back to the United States. While in the United States he sent me a tape with message to let my older brother give me the final word on whether or not I could practice Vaudou. On the tape he also said his time was up and soon he would die and he didn’t want us to come back to Haiti. He just wanted us to continue his work. Most of the time, people around me are skeptical about Vaudou. They are always shocked to learn that I am a Vaudou priest. It is hard for them not to prejudge me based on what they have learned about Vaudou from popular culture. (Some of them even tell me that I spell Vaudou wrong.) I’ve always said that it is not a good idea to love or hate a thing that you don’t know. I wanted to share the wonderful power that I have been blessed with. I want to show everyone how Vaudou can change their lives. I decided to switch careers from law to anthropology and psychology. While I am a Vaudou priest, I am still learning about other spiritually based practices so I can better understand other cultures. I am open to sharing my knowledge about Vaudou so that we as human beings, brothers and sisters, can all benefit from this rich natural resource. In my social life, I work with my friends to share Vaudou and get to higher levels. I have established a group like this in Haiti, and Now I have built another group here in the US. In these groups we are learning meditation and some Vaudou, in order to learn control over ourselves, and to gain power over the events that happen around us. As a citizen, I am open to anyone to share and learn in order to ameliorate our way of living as human beings. I see clients in my own city, but I do readings for clients almost all over the world, through word of mouth. Now I’ve decided that I can reach more people through the internet, so I’ve created this website. I’m hoping my experience here will help me to learn more from other people.


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