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My name is Mange Kimambi, I am Tanzanian living in the United States of America.. I moved to the US about five years ago to join my ex-husband. I have recently become instrumental to Tanzanians in their fight for freedom of speech and democracy... This journey kicked off around 2015 when I owned one of the most popular lifestyle/gossip blogs in Tanzania. Blogging always came naturally to me. Initially I blogged about non consequential matters such as beautiful shoes, bags and clothes. I also blogged about my life and that of my friends, our travels and social life. Sometimes there was positive and negative drama attached to my blog, but it was largely harmless and a great pastime. Looking back I realize that although my blog was part of the salt in life to some, it was a learning curve for me. Unfortunately I soon found out that I could not write about the usual happenings that I had; the events of everyday life in Tanzania. I have become a crucial source of information for Tanzanians.....


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