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Media Lakay is an innovative app for the Haitian community, and the best part is it is FREE! The purpose of the app is to connect Haitian professionals in Haiti and abroad. We want to promote Haitian businesses and culture. If you have a business, we'll be happy to work with you to promote your business or event on the app. There are a few websites that are linked directly to the app, and several Haitian professionals are already using the app for their businesses. There is also a directory for you to include your business so customers can find you. If you'd like to give a discount or coupon, you can upload those coupons there as well. If you are doing an event, you can upload your flyer too. Those sites are connected directly to the app. It makes it easy for customers to stay in one place and browse. Soon we will add a classified ad section. We have a list of 28 fantastic Haitian stations. For example, Radio Caraibe, Radio Soleil, Radio Pa Nou, among others. Join us in helping to pull the community together in one place. Download the app today and share it with your friends and family


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