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MK2021 provides church information in both directory and map format. But more importantly it helps people locate churches and where to plant new churches in Cambodia. Here are some of the features of the app: • The total number of Christians and churches in Cambodia. - This information is updated daily! Go to the % Christian Map to see the latest figures • Find churches by keyword search - Type in a keyword word and all churches whose name, address or denomination matches the keyword are listed • A directory of all churches in Cambodia. Sorted in three ways. - Physical location (province, district and commune) - Church council or denomination they are a member of. - Worship language they use • Current address, location and information for each church - So you can visit them or tell a friend where they can go to church • Add or update churches information within the app - If you church has moved let us know so people can still find your church - Update membership information so everyone can see the total growth of the Cambodian church - Add pictures of the church so people know where you meet • Find areas where churches need to be planted - Easily locate the districts and communes that do not have a church • Number of churches for each council, province, district, commune and worship language - Quickly find out this information within each directory block • Driving directions to churches - Using Google Maps and Street Views you can know find your way and not get lost • Percent Christian map - Provides Christian demographic information for every province, district and commune • Church Location map - Shows where churches are located - Color coded so you know what council they are a member of. - Create filters to find specific types of churches • Allows you to see the big picture of the Christian Church in Cambodia!


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