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Mrs. Vietnam World is an official preliminary to the Mrs. World beauty pageant, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This extravaganza is a platform for married Vietnamese ladies from different areas of the world to showcase their beauty, talents, and successes in a more contemporary and glamorous approach. All married women such as young wives, mothers, and even grandmothers who are Vietnamese are eligible to participate. By providing this unique opportunity, Vietnamese delegates from all around the world can come together and share a common purpose. The contestants will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop personal growth, leadership, friendship, self-confidence, and numerous invaluable experiences that will forever be remembered. The winner will represent all Vietnamese married women at the Mrs. World beauty pageant. Mission Statement: The mission of the Mrs. Vietnam World pageant is to promote and recognize married Vietnamese women, while producing positive role models for the community; and to develop personal growth, leadership, self-confidence and to give contestants the opportunity to advocate a cause dear to their heart where they can give back to their communities in the United States and abroad.


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