NH COP Guide (Criminal Code)

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This APP makes searching NH RSA's easy and accessible. This APP is designed for you to easily navigate the State RSA website via your mobile device. The APP also provides you with help in writing Criminal Complaints. Currently all RSA's applicable to police work are loaded. Complaints for 631:1 First Degree Assault, 631:2 Second Degree Assault, 631-2-a Simple Assault, and 631:2-b Domestic Violence. The complaints break each sub-paragraph out to help write applicable complaints. This is STRICTLY for help and information and CANNOT be used as a form or template. The idea to better understand the complexity of each law. Each update will add additional RSA's (i.e. laws outside the Criminal Code such as weapon offenses and Domestic Violence). This APP WILL NOT include the Motor Vehicle Code (that APP will be available shortly).


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