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Since 1993 Nina Capone has been gracing the stages of the country with her energetic personality, organized flow and melodic voice. Nina began touring when she was 13 years old managed by the world famous "Loni Gamble" who taught Nina industry poise and motivated her to become better at everything she did, performing live with the flawless band "Soundcheque" behind her in which her mother was a lead vocalist and step father on Base, Nina took stages by storm. Currently being the owner of a small consulting firm, a housing and financial counselor for a local company, mother of two and executive at with a well known media company out of Manhatten NY, Nina is busy with life from her Philly office to the one in NY, Nina also has several projects she is working on such as her book titled From My Urban Heart" a must read being released digitally and via hardcopy in August 2013, Miss Relevant Mixtape this July hosted by DJ Colock of Slip-N-Slide/Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes in Florida, "Audio Porn" the Album...this speaks for it self and the TV talk show created and co-produced by the one and only herself titled "A Day In the Life" to Air sometime in Mid July 2012 featuring "Montana Blak" as "The Male Ego". Thats not it.. look out for the Non Profit "Beautiful Monster" for the youth and much more to come from Ms Capone in 2012... The Game Don't Stop.


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