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​OpTranslate is a mobile app that helps optometrists conduct eye exams on non-English speaking patients. ---FEATURES--- FOUR LANGUAGES WITH MORE TO COME Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole are currently available. ​Future languages in development (free of charge) include Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, Korean, and Vietnamese. A COMPLETE EYE EXAM AND MORE A full comprehensive eye exam split into six sections, available in all languages. Additional sections include contact lens exams, binocular vision testing, and pre-written diagnoses. EDUCATING THE PATIENT Helpful written explanations, patient education resources, and labeled diagrams make the doctor-patient connection stronger than ever. EDUCATING THE DOCTOR ​ A simple and intuitive layout, comprehensive glossary, offline capability, and language quizzes help train the optometrist into a multi-lingual provider. NO ADS, NO FEES, NO IN-APP PURCHASES OpTranslate is 100% AdFree and always will be. No monthly subscription fee, no in-app purchases, and no future paid upgrades. Works on iOS and Android devices. ---SECTIONS--- -Basic History -Visual History -Medical History -Entrance Testing -Refraction -Slit Lamp/DFE -Binocular Vision Testing -Diagnosis -Patient Education -Eye Diagrams -Glossary -Google Translate Direct Link -Tools -Contact Lens Exam* -Case History Practice Quiz* -Instructions Practice Quiz* -Conditions Practice Quiz* -Anatomy Practice Quiz* *Currently available in Spanish ---DISCLAIMER--- OpTranslate is not associated with the American Optometric Association in any way and is not responsible for translation accuracy. OpTranslate is not meant to replace professional medical interpreter and translator services.


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