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OutCloud Systems, Inc. (OutoftheCloud.com) is launching it's revolutionary new file-sharing service soon, but in the meantime we have developed the OutoftheCloud mobile app to provide a means for those who are currently on our prelaunch waitlist to be able check their position in the waitlist anytime, anywhere and for those who are not on our waitlist, to join through our app. People who are on our waitlist are not only notified when they lose or gain position in line, but by using the OutoftheCloud app can improve their position in line, in real time, so that they will be able to qualify for a free premium account when OutoftheCloud.com launches in december of 2018 (If you refer 10 signups, you automatically reserve a free premium account!) But the OutoftheCloud app is not only to maintain position and secure a free premium account, you will also enabling us to keeping a live line to you. You will have access to sneak-peek videos of our service, our forum to leave your thoughts, suggestions of what you'd like to see in a new file-sharing service or maybe your negative experiences with other file-sharing or cloud services, our blog and really interesting resources that will convince you as to why you would want to use OutoftheCloud.com! So download our Pre-Launch OutoftheCloud App and join us along with thousands of others on our journey to a file-sharing service that will change the file-sharing industry!


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