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OneWeekDriving.com now have an app with several features to speed up tasks for our instructors, the features on the app include: - Accept Courses through the Mobile App Any intensive courses that become available can now be accepted through the mobile app, courses will go on the app/website a lot sooner than any other method. - Booking a Quick Practical test Instructor can now book a quick practical test for any of their pupils, we send cancellations for any early test dates available and a test can be booked within 1-2 weeks usually, in comparison to the 2-3 month normal waiting list. Instructors can also earn £8 for each quick test set-up through us, RRP £88 but instructors get it for £80, but can still charge the pupil £88. - Upload Pass Pictures Pass pictures can be uploaded through the Mobile App so that we can put the pictures onto our Website/Facebook to show potential customers that passing with us is possible and upping demand in all areas. - ADI News We have integrated news into our App for ADI's to keep updated with any news relating to being a driving instructor.


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