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PATHWAY to Health is a non-proft organization that exists to serve the physical needs of the under-served by providing entirely free mobile multi-specialty clinics that offer medical, dental, and eye care services. As Seventh-day Adventists, we believe in a triad of health, including physical, mental and spiritual health and that if one is missing, the individual’s entire health is affected. As such, through a collaborative effort with many entities, Pathway to Health deliberately seeks to serve as the “Path” to lead patients from physical and mental healing to improved spiritual health. Pathway to Health events provide a unique clinical environment, including experienced medical and dental providers, helpful hospitality workers, lifestyle counselors and chaplains caring for the whole-person needs of each patient, and live orchestral hymns played throughout the facility. As a Christian organization​, Pathway to Health ultimately exists to serve as Jesus served and to love the residents of each host city as Jesus did.


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