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he Quattro Restaurant Group consists of fine Italian / Mediterranean restaurants throughout Fairfield County Connecticut. Spearheaded by acclaimed chef Biagio “Gino” Riccio, Quattro Restaurant Group first introduced their fresh, seasonal, vibrant Italian food in 1997 with their casual eatery and bar, Quattro Pazzi, located in the charming beachside community of Fairfield. In 2006 Chef Riccio introduced his Mediterranean inspired taverna, Osianna, located around the corner from its sister restaurant. Stamford became the newest home for a second Quattro Pazzi in 2010. The bi-level space brought another element to the Quattro Restaurant Group in the form of catering and special events. Chef Riccio, whose family is from Calabria, Italy, trained under world-renowned chefs throughout Europe and the United States. While his cuisine is rooted in tradition, Chef Riccio builds upon his strong culinary foundation and infuses more contemporary preparations, ingredients and influences into his dishes. The Quattro Restaurant Group creates sleek and spirited neighborhood restaurants, bars and sidewalk cafés with a whimsical style all their own.


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