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The idea for Radio BGWS was sparked off when the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS), refused ex- servicemen and their families to participate in their phone-ins and other radio programmes on the grounds that the BFBS only provide welfare service to the service-personnel and their families. BFBS had been a way of life for the dispersed ex-Gurkha community to keep in touch with each other and there was a lot of disappointment when people could no longer participate in the programmes. A meeting was called in 2005 about this, attended by around 500 representatives from the community. This meeting called for a community radio station for the ex-Gurkha community based in the greater Farnborough area, as BGWS thought that a community radio project could be a good way of connecting local Nepali people as the Farnborough community grows and nationally though Internet broadcasting. The project for setting up our very own Radio Station was taken on by Maj(Retd) Sonam Tshering Sherpa.


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