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The RDNS Education & Learning Centre is an award winning education supplier for healthcare workers including nurses, nurse leaders and care aides, in Melbourne Australia. Courses and workshops are scheduled throughout the year in Melbourne and can also be facilitated across Australia for any healthcare providers within Australia. Courses are held on a fee-for-service basis, profits from this are funnelled back in to the not-for-profit Royal District Nursing Service to enhance community healthcare. RDNS Education & Learning Centre specialises in clinical training including wounds, diabetes, dementia, continence and health promotion. Multiple clinical courses within the clinical portfolio are endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing. In addition to clinical training the Learning Centre provides: Contemporary leadership training for those that lead teams and those who wish to increase self leadership and self-awareness. Organisational Wellbeing programs built on the evidence based BeActive model (developed by the Learning Centre), are available for organisations looking to implement health and wellbeing initiatives. BeActive promotes holistic wellbeing under the categories of Move, Connect, Think Positive, Be Present, Energise and Learn. Positive Ageing seminars for retirees, recreational clubs and the wider community are also facilitated. This app contains a course directory with an overview of course content, scheduled training dates including a course calendar, enrolment and inquiry into any course can be done through the app as well.


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