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This is an example retail staff training App. We like to call it the C.I.M App! C – Communicate The app is a communication tool for front-line staff who represent your brand to your customers. Key messages will never be ‘lost in translation’ again. Communicate in real time so that your team aren’t in the dark about latest promotions, rosters and operational activity prior to commencing their shift. Engagement with you team is now made easy! I – Interact Staff interact with the app in a gamification platform making the hard things like sales and customer service – fun! The app is an innovative way to continue to engage and interact with your team so that prior training will be retained. M – Motivate The app motivates staff to achieve stronger key KPI’s such as average spends, memberships, units per transactions & excellence in customer service. Set challenge that translate into further sales. Create some friendly competition between stores, regions and/or states. Please contact for a demo!


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