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Ice cream was always the childhood dream of owner Chip Rizuto. He always wanted to open his very own ice cream shop since he was just a kid. In August of 2005, he achieved that dream when he opened Rizuto's Ice Cream. He wanted his shop to be more than just another expensive endeavour, he wanted his place to be a great experience for the entire family, with out going broke. His family owned and operated, Christian based business beat the odds and has been a huge success! Rizuto's is now known as the best deal in town. They have rock-bottom prices, a fun and welcoming atmosphere, and a huge menu with over 40,000 combinations of ice creams, and sweets available for under $5 bucks! It is also known as Colorado Springs worst kept little secret. If you come in and there is not a line, consider yourself lucky, as hundreds and hundreds of patrons flood the little shop every day! They carry Blue Bell, and Anne and Manns, a local ice cream maker, brands of hard pack. They use Sinton's smooth and creamy Soft Serve Mix. And best of all, they make their own authentic Italian Gelato!


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