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Smart Company ATL gives you a professional and guaranteed cleanliness at a fair price. trust our quality promise and get the cleaning service at home, hotel or construction work through our App. ~ Push Notifications about promotions and Hospitality News. ~ Easy direct call to our Customer Service. ~ Petition for service for Hospitality, Home or Commercial Construction. ~ Panic Button in case of Call Out (*offer valid only for hotels*). ~ Experiences of some of our Satisfied Customers. ~ About us and direct access to our Social Network SCA+ (Remember we need Access to your Camera and Location for you can post the picture of your bed, or room) ~ Translator help for non-bilingual HSKP (*offer valid only for hotels*). ~ Now Hiring Application. ~ Access to Business Files. ~ Schedule and Hours of the week (*offer valid only for SCA workers*). We served More & Better. Smart Company ATL, INC 2018


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