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This is the first sociological theory app created for smart phones and tablets. It includes the following: _________________________________________ * Profiles of 37 Social Theorists From A to Z * Useful Videos Illustrating Various Social Theories * A Link To The Best Online Theorist Search Engine * A Built-In Survey To Improve Future Versions _________________________________________ This app is meant to be used as a quick reference for a wide range of social theorists who are important to the discipline of sociology. Each profile includes: a quotation, historical context, connections to other theorists, theoretical perspective, theoretical contributions and concepts, a descriptions of his/her major works, criticisms by other theorists, overall assessment of their impact on the field of sociology, further readings, and a list of citations used in researching each theorist. _________________________________________ Designed by The Students of Social Theory College of the Holy Cross Worcester, MA January 2015


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