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Have you ever been attacked by birds such as magpies which pierce into your neck because they believe you're a thief? If not, then I bet you wouldn't ever want to! That's why we have provide a free and accessible solution to the ever-growing problem. Features: Swooping is the act of a bird flying from it's nesting spot to attack passer-bys. Swooping birds are most prevalent during their breeding season in spring in which they believe humans are trying to take the eggs from their nests. SwoopAlert notifies users using a large database of locations sourced from friendly councils and organisations. These locations are referred to as swooping zones, which are hotspots across Australia in which birds are most likely to attack. During swooping season, the app locates where the user is and checks whether they are in a swooping zone or not. If they are, a notification is sent to help them keep safe. Users can view these swooping zones via a map feature to help them plan journeys and just be on the lookout. There are two well researched guides on how to stay safe from swooping birds and information about swooping birds. There is also a quiz which users can undertake to better help them understand swooping birds. So why not give it a try?


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