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Coaches, players, and team moms are going "bananas" over the GameDay Scheduler App because it allows them to schedule games and events for their teams, engage all players so they remain focused on game objectives, and elevate overall performance on the playing field or court. The GameDay Scheduler App is built on three main system components, 1) a robust game management system to schedule games, 2) an efficient performance feedback system to ensure players are meeting training goals, and 3) an effective digital reward system to award high performing athletes. With the GameDay Scheduler App, coaches can quickly schedule games and invite players/teams in a few seconds. All games and events are pushed to players' and coaches' personal calendars, whether it be on their desktop or mobile phone. Coaches and team moms can get rid of their excel spreadsheets, emails, and text messages to track all games and events. With the app, players communicate their availability for events by indicating YES or NO as their response to the invitation. Coaches will know who is coming to the game and who is unavailable. For any schedule changes, coaches no longer have to send multiple emails, phone calls, and text messages to all the players and parents. After each game, coaches can upload video game highlights, full game videos, and statistics and share them accordingly. Coaches can set, manage, and collect game fees (cash, check, credit card, or Paypal) for all games and events. Coaches can set multiple tiers for fees, depending on the game or event details. Coaches will know who has paid and who hasn't by reviewing all the payment records and can send payment reminders to parents and players as required. The game notes section can not only be used to post game summaries and player evaluations, but also to share other media files and documents, for pre or post game analyses. Players can access the files from their mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The files/links can also be accessed from cloud based storage services like Google drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, Box, and iCloud.


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