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TeamSwap is a one click way to find a team, and also be connected to one of the fastest growing gaming communities. 1. Fill out application 2. Check over application to ensure no errors 3. Click next until redirected back to our tournament page. 4. The deadline for applications is Saturday night at 12:00 am Central time 5. On Monday at 5:00 pm your xFire message box should contain a team invite. 6. Monday through Friday you will practice with your team according to your time schedule (time schedules will be matched upon submission of application) 7. Friday at 9:00 pm central time the tournament will begin 8. If your team wins the Friday tournament, you will advance to Saturdays tournament 9. If your team wins 3 Saturday tournaments in a row (3 weeks), You'll win $1000 and will individually receive: - Complete Razor Gaming PC - Sponsorship by mobFriendly - Your own live channel for a week. 10. If your team does not make it to the Saturday tournaments, you can re-submit another application and swap again.


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