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Shree Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu language is a devotional APP dedicated to Lord Shree Hanuman and this App is for people across the globe who seek blessings of Lord Hanuman to overcome all the difficulties in life. Telugu Hanuman Chalisa Audio is written in Telugu script for peoples of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and other Telugu Speaking people living worldwide. This App will bring Bhakti and Shakti in the minds of the devotees through the power of Prayer and Devotion. May Lord Hanuman bless all of you and bring happiness and bliss in your life. Telugu Shree Hanuman Chalisa consists of forty (40) Chaupais on Lord Shree Hanuman originally written by Santh (Saint) Tulsidas Maharaj. Hanuman Chalisa is known to be the highly recited Hindu Devotional hymn (Stotra). It was originally written by Saint Tulsidas in Awadhi Language. Tulsidas also wrote Sri Ramacharitramanas in the same language. Hanuman Chalisa has 40 verses excluding couplets (dohas) at the beginning and end.Lord Hanuman appeared in Ramayan in Vanara (Monkey) Roopam (the body). Lord Hanuman is considered as Avatar of Lord Shiva and blessed with supreme powers of strength, courage, wisdom, devotion by all the Gods and Goddesses. It is believed that chanting Sri Hanuman Chalisa will bring success and happiness and all difficulties can be overcome by devotion to lord Hanuman. Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most favourite Hindu chanting in temples and puja occassions.


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