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The Dark Era is really three stories in one and they’re all set over a single weekend in May 2010. The stories look at three generations of the same family: a grandfather, a father and a son. When the grandfather, Stanislaw Gombrowicz, falls into a coma, he finds that he’s inside a fantasy world with quite a few similarities to the conflict and experiences that made him travel to England from Poland in 1945. Through a blue haze of fog and sparkling light, he travels over, under and across this world; fighting to survive, while images from the past and the future echo through his mind. While this is happening, the second story is taking place in the real world. In many ways, this is a coming of age story that happens to be about a middle aged man. It is the story of how Stanislaw’s son, David, tries to come to terms with his past mistakes and with the difficulties that exist in his relationship with his father, as he races across the country to be at his bedside. The third story follows David’s son, Jonathon, as he struggles to put together a book about his grandfather’s experiences during World War II. In this he’s hardly helped by Stanislaw’s Alzheimers ravaged memories, by the distractions of enjoying his own life, and also by his attempts to avoid seeing his father. These stories ultimately combine. Showing how a family can preserve and let go of the past to create a better future. This app serves as a companion to the forthcoming novel by James Eddy and to the crowdfunding campaign that is currently taking place for it. The app features exclusive extracts from the book, links to the crowdfunding site and background information to the little known stories of Polish heroism during the second world war.


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