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The Family of Dawn - A Fellowship of Junior Youths of Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church The Fellowship of junior youths is composed mostly of secondary students. There are six families within the Fellowship, that the family of Dawn is one of them. Members are guided and fed by their mentors and assistant mentors who come from senior youth families and are committed to youth evangelism. Mentors are held responsible for overall development of the families while their assistants join in different cells within the families to be with the students and assist the mentors to take care of them. The way junior youths are being fostered differs from that of their counterparts in senior youth families in that the former emphasizes communal lives so as to build a healthy fellowship. Also they are encouraged to convey the gospel to friends and classmates. Youngsters receive practical teachings from their mentors and assistant mentors, whereas their mentors take up the role of spiritual leaders and models. Every family of the junior youths develops according to her unique nature, needs and objectives. As a result, different families have dynamic structures and development specific to their own necessities and unique features. Through organizing different activities on their own, youngsters are expected to shoulder responsibility of the community and foster a sense of belonging to their families and to the Church. Besides being taught to fulfill the basic duties as Christians, youngsters are required to live by the disciplines so that they will learn not to act on impulse but God’s will. All this teaching aims at helping the youth to develop holistically with correct spiritual values and become Christians who are willing and able to glorify God, benefit people and contribute to the society.


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