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The Listening Doctor is a patient app for The Listening Doctor Practice patients. It is a secured communication between the patients and doctor to improve patient’s access and satisfaction .Patients can have instant video consultation with the Doctor. The Listening Doctor app has also medical assistant’s avatars that respond to some patient’s questions with artificial intelligence. It provides patients with animated videos of patient education .It gives patients access to practice discounts, events and medications refills. It allows patients instant access to the self-schedule and patient portal. The Listening Doctor App features: 1) Intelligent Avatars to respond to patients questions just like a medical assistant in both English and Spanish 2) Patient's Self-Scheduler. 3) Access to patient portal. 4) Telemedicine consultation with the Doctor. 5) Patient can upload forms and consents. 6) Patients Can request medication refill. 7) Symptoms Checker. 8) Information about healthy living-Calorie Gallery-Weight loss program. 9) Patient education handouts in English and Spanish. 10) Patient education 3D videos. 11) Link to the Practice Website. 12) Practice store/products. 13) 5 mins exercise video on the go for young and seniors. 14) Survey About the practice performance. 15) Patient to patient Chat Room. 16) CPR and first Aid instructions. 17) Pregnancy Information per semester and integrating with an OB wheel. 18) News and events about our practice. 19) Drugs Information. 20) Patients can text the doctor.


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